Who is David Sandoval?

David Sandoval and the Green Foods Bible
Twenty-four years ago, David Sandoval was like many of us, working a sedentary job, eating a conventional diet and watching his family members suffer from cancer, diabetes and obesity among other illnesses. He knew he needed a lifestyle change and set out on a relentless mission to find the answers he needed to turn his life around.

After transforming his body and his inset, David is healthier and younger today than he was twenty-four years ago and he has the biological markers to prove it!

David Sandoval
is now a world-renowned expert and in-demand lecturer and radio talk show host, as well as an entrepreneur, nutritionist, activist, personality, author, and authority on whole food nutrition and disease prevention. He is the Chief Science Officer for Purium Health Products.

David has dedicated almost two decades of his life to seeking out and gaining access to sources of rare and diverse super foods, which are available only through diligent research and painstaking selection. He has composed dozens of these into phyto-nutrient rich formulas that he sells through his company Purium Health Products. Purium's products are unprecedented in their potency and purity, as well as in the complexity of their contribution to the body's physiological well-being.
Sandoval believes that there is most definitely a relationship between diet and disease, stating that ...

"God and Mother Nature have provided everything the human body needs to live a long, disease-free life."

Purium Health Products are composed of synergistically-combined super foods that nourish at the cellular level, activating metabolism and boosting the immune system..

that David Sandoval learned from Ann Wigmore

The Green Foods Bible

The Green Foods Bible

In Sandoval's definitive guide to super foods, the Green Foods Bible, you will learn everything you need to know about barley grass, wheatgrass, kamut, chlorella, spirulina, and more. The book is a personal guide on how to increase energy, to overcome many illnesses, and boost overall health through the incorporation of such powerhouse super foods into your daily diet.
  • Green foods are the basis for life on earth
  • The lack of green food is the most common denominator in people who suffer from disease
  • The Green Foods Bible is comprehensive - meaning that it covers each and every edible green food from grasses to algae, including both land and sea vegetables.
  • The book is filled with fascinating facts, compelling stories and more
  • The Green Foods Bible is a must read for anyone who is interested in natural healing

David Sandoval

David Sandoval has released an updated, expanded and improved edition of The Green Foods Bible. Learn about the emerging food crises, GMOs and get updated information on breakthroughs in phytochemistry!
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