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Platinum Health Products
David Sandoval

Platinum Europe Convention 2015

Rosenheim, Germany
June 6th and 7th, 2015

Join Purium Owner & Founder David Sandoval and VP of Sales & Marketing David Litt as they unveil the Gift Card Marketing System for the European Union.

June 6, 2015 marks a new beginning for the European business. We expect 300 people to attend. Will you be there? What about your contacts in Europe?

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$42 - through May 23, 2015
$22 for the Sunday Training
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Exciting new Platinum products and programs! NEW 10-Day Transformation especially for athletes. The latest updates on Platinum Superfoods and a healthy lifestyle.

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Special Training on Sunday morning for Platinum distributors. How to build a successful business out of your passion for real foods. How to give away gift cards instead of selling.

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Exciting new business tools. Expect more than just one! Great tools will make sharing and business building enjoyable. More freedom as tools are saving your precious time.

If you know anyone in Europe, particularly Germany and the United Kingdom who would be interested in using Purium Health Products or in the business opportunity, please refer them to our European site: Platinum Europe
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Dave Sandoval
David Sandoval, the Owner and Founder of Platinum Europe is a pioneer of the "Living Foods" movement. He teaches the lifestyle with nutrient dense SUPERFOODS for over two decades. He focuses on the amazing benefits of whole foods and different plant on the human body and energy system.

He developed the Platinum product line containing over 200 plants and extracts. His most successful program worldwide is the 10-Day Transformation. He is a passionate speaker and the author of "The Green Food Bible." David Sandoval is visiting Europe from Long Beach, California.
David Litt
David Litt, is Director of Sales and Marketing. He has been in the network marketing industry for more than 20 years as a successful distributor and working on the corporate side for one of the 500 oldest, largest and fastest-growing companies in the United States. David has implemented tools and - easy to duplicate - systems that helped our sister company, Purium Health Products in the U.S. grow exponentially.

PLATINUM EUROPE - Gutschein System Praesentation

Presented in German.

PLATINUM EUROPE - Launches Gift Card Marketing

Presented in English.

Join Us!

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