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Flex Meals are Success Meals
When doing a Lifestyle Transformation or an Athlete's Transformation, you are advised to have one Flex Meal per day. They are also integral to your success AFTER completing the 10-Day Transformation Cleanse. Remember, Purium is a lifestyle, not a diet. The 10-Day Transformation serves as an effective tool or "kick-start" to help you jump into the lifestyle with great success. The supplements and the Flex Meals help you to maintain it.
Flex for Success
Flex Foods "train" you to appreciate natural flavors and textures when you are most hungry and condition you to crave nature's fast food versus poisonous fast "food." More importantly, they give you distinct textures and flavors to choose from; such as sweet, tart, salty, spicy, creamy, and crunchy - so you feel both full AND satisfied. You are given choices and yet you remain "in control." Hot flex foods are especially important during the winter-time and for people in Northern climates - not to mention that some people are accustomed to having a hot cup of coffee on a regular basis.
Flex foods train you to appreciate natural flavors and textures when you are most hungry.
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What is a Flex Meal?
An entire meal comprised of approved and healthy ingredients that is meant to leave you feeling full and satisfied. David Sandoval compiled a list of his favorite protein sources, complex carbs, fruits, veggies, liquids and fats. This list can be found on page 9 of the Transformation Guide (also seen below). Simply choose from the list of these items to create your very own healthy Flex Meal.


Click on images below to zoom - to read recipe more easily.

Flex Meal Recipe - Hearty Veggie Soup
Flex Meal Recipe - Kale & Lentil Veggie Burgers
Flex Meal Recipe - Veggie Quinoa Casserole
David Sandoval

David Sandoval's General Recommendations

Sourced from Page 9 of the Transformation Guide, Volume 5.
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Select foods that are organic or as close to the earth as possible
Eat slowly and chew your food well - 30 chews per mouthful!
Eat until you are 80% full as satiety signals take time to "register."
Be thankful & appreciate the food that nourishes you.

Tips for Vegetables

David Sandoval
  • Eat as brightly colored veggies as possible
  • Steamed is okay but do not over cook
  • Saute' in organic butter, olive oil or coconut oil
  • Eat raw veggies with hummus or guacamole
  • Marinate raw veggies for better flavor

Tips for Complex Carbohydrates

David Sandoval
  • "Crack" rice by stirring in a hot pan - releases the protein before cooking
  • Buy organic grains whenever possible
  • Buckwheat & Activated Barley Pancakes create great glucose control
  • Purple potatoes help your body like blueberries
  • Try spaghetti squash as an alternative to pasta

Tips for Liquids

David Sandoval
  • Drink room temperature water in the morning to help flush kidneys (warmer water is easier on digestion)
  • Saueeze lemon in your water to increase its alkalizing ability
  • Use unsweetened cranberry juice to fight urinary tract infections
  • Drink hibiscus tea to reduce sugar carvings
  • Use aloe vera to fight ulcers
  • Coconut water is the ultimate sports replenishment drink
  • Drink raw apple juice to fight kidney stones and gout
  • Prune juice relieves constipation
  • Avoid grapefruit juice when taking medications
  • Citrus juices should have lots of pulp
  • Treat fruit juices like regular fruit & have them separate from other foods

Tips for Fruits

David Sandoval
  • Eat organic or wash well - pay attention to the current "Dirty Dozen" list which tells you which fruits & veggies to absolutely avoid buying non-organic that year.
  • Eat fruit before other food & never right after. There is one exception for not having fruit with other items; cottage cheese & fruit does go well together.
  • Avoid white & green grapes
  • Don't mix melons with other fruit
  • Eat apples in the morning to help wake you up as a coffee alternative
  • Don't remove the skin because the most nutrients are contained there (exceptions are bananas, oranges, mangos, avocados & melons, etc.)
  • Dried fruit should be eaten separately

Tips for Fats

David Sandoval
  • High heat (coconut oil, green tea seed oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil & macadamia oil)
  • Saute' / low heat (butter, olive oil, sunflower oil)
  • Consume 1 tsp of raw coconut oil daily for general health

Tips for Protein

David Sandoval
  • Protein is best consumed in the morning when we have high levels of HCL
  • Meat should always be combined with green vegetables to reduce the impact of its toxins
  • Avoid the burnt crispy parts of meat as they are 80% carcinogenic
  • Eat grass-fed beef, free-roaming chicken & wild caught salmon as they are the highest quality in their category
  • Don't combine meat with carbohydrates or sugars (for example; bread, soda, fruits)
  • consume no more than 6 oz of animal flesh in any 24 hour period to avoid creating uric acid and harming your kidneys
David Sandoval
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10-Day Transformation Support Call

Every weekday @ 5:30 pm Pacific
Dial 712-432-7658
Enter PIN: 7873#
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In addition, our team has an active closed Facebook that offers online encouragement, tips and answers to your questions as you do your 10-Day Transformation. This is available to our team members.
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Listen to Dr. Mike Wohlfeld, as he discusses the On February 26, 2014, he discusses some "Do's and Don'ts for the Transformation" and how to "Get the Most Out of Your Cleanse." Topics discussed are Doing the Cleans and:
  • Activity
  • Caffeine
  • Sex
  • Stress
  • Constipation
  • Taking Meds
FYI - take Master Amino Acid Pattern with food, not with animal protein.
Getting the Most Out of a Cleanse

FREE Health and Product Consultations with Dr Michael Wohlfeld, ND

Did you know that Purium offers FREE health and product consultations with a licensed Naturopathic doctor for you and your customers?

Be sure to take advantage of this priceless resource. Every ‘body’ is different, so we encourage you to get your FREE personalized consult with our staff Naturopathic doctor, Dr Michael Wohlfeld, ND today by calling 1-800-962-LIFE (1-800-962-5433) or by sending him an e-mail at
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Safety First Statement: At Purium we want every Transformation to be a positive experience. We recommend consulting a physician )preferably a physician specializing in integrative medicine) before starting this or any other weight loss regimen. The Transformation Program is intended for use only by healthy adults. If you experience discomfort, distress, or any other symptom during your 10-Day Transformation, please discontinue using the products immediately and consult a physician. Please also note that Traditional Naturopath Michael Wohlfeld is on staff to answer you health questions via PuriumNaturopath@gmail.com.
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