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IF YOU ...
Have the desire to create a positive change in your personal health or financial life - PURIUM is for YOU!
Enjoy helping others find and create a positive change in their personal health or financial life - PURIUM is for YOU!
Want to take an active role in the movement of "Making Healthy Cool" - PURIUM is for YOU!




Purium Membership
Your Membership Kit Includes:
  • (5) Gift Cards ( $250 Value)
  • 20 - 30% Discount on Product Purchases
  • 10 Transformation Experience Brochures
  • Marketing & Training Materials
  • Access to FREE Naturopathic Advice
  • and much, much more!
In addition, you receive free replicated sites to refer others to and a free marketing system to help you build your Purium business!
For a FREE Membership:
Enroll with an Enrollment Pack; Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum
and your Membership is FREE! ( a $75 Value)

If you choose NOT to enroll with an Enrollment Pack ...
your Membership will only cost you $25 )with the use of a $50 Gift Card). Keep in mind, you will receive 5 Gift Cards in the Membership Kit , a value of $250, to give away to others.

Need a Gift Card to get started? Click here or contact us today!
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To eliminate any confusion, Purium Lifestyle Club Member or PLC Member was formerly called Premier Member

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Save up to 30% on every order
Members without an active back-up order of 50 BV save 15% on every order
Save $10 on Shipping & Handling
PLC Members benefit from a flat-rate shipping & handling charge:
$9.95 Premier Flat-Rate Shipping - Continental US

Other shipping options include: FedEx 2nd Day and FedEx Standard Overnight
Eligible for PLC Monthly Product Specials
Each month, the company offers Purium Lifestyle Club Members a product special. This product special will be announced via a company email AND may be viewed in your Back-office > Resources > Company News. The specials are often a "Buy 3, Get 1 Free" offer, resulting in an opportunity for product savings. Sometimes, the purchase will equate to 50 BV. In such cases, your back-up order will not be triggered, providing the purchase was made before the 21st of the month.
Free Naturopathic Consultations
PLC Members have access to Purium's on-staff Naturopathic Doctor. You can either call or email Dr. Michael Wohlfeld for product questions and/or health consultations. He is awesome and usually very quick in his reply via email. As PLC Members, we are very fortunate to have access to to his consultative services.
Access to Health Education
Convenient Monthly Shipments
The convenience of product being shipped directly to your doorstep each month supports your lifestyle change and optimizes your business. You have the ability to login to your back-office and modify or cancel your monthly auto-ship at anytime @ Back-office .> Account > Back-Up Order
To become or to qualify as a PLC Member, simply schedule a monthly Product Back-Up Order of 50 BV (about $65) or more.
Don't worry, you can change or cancel this order at any time.

This program is so superior to other "auto-ship" programs because we give you 20 days to order any products you would like (at 30% off) prior to the 21st of each month. If your order meets the required 50 BV, your Back-Up Order will NOT ship. However, if your order is less than 50BV or if you have not placed an order yet, you Back-Up Order will be processed and shipped.

This program makes having a monthly product order very simple and flexible, and helps you get the product you want every month!

Please Note: If you do not place a Back-Up Order of at least 50 BV points, you will only receive a 20% Discount on your on-going Purium orders - versus 30% as a PLC Member.
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Now you want to keep up your new healthy lifestyle. Purium has grouped the products you have come to love and categorized them to meet your primary challenges. In bringing these products together, they have taken into consideration Purium business as well. In other words, the following product packs include either 50, 65 or 100 PV which makes them the perfect choice for your Purium Monthly Back-Up Order!

Benefits of being a Purium Lifestyle Club (PLC) Member - formerly referred to as a "Premier "Member:

Save 30% when you become a Purium Lifestyle Member (PLC)
As a PLC Member, you will receive FOUR big benefits:
Save an extra 10% on your product purchases
Earn an extra 10% on product sales
Save $10 on S&H on every order - starting after your first order!
Eligible for Monthly Product Specials - savings of $5 to $40 each month!


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December 2015 PLC Special

Beat the Winter Blues with Apothem-Cherry
The Ultimate Antioxidant Tonic for Body & Soul!

Item # 061512

Did you know?
Purium's Apothem-Cherry is made from Montmorency Tart Cherries. It is a liquid extract that condenses the nutritional potency of 30 tart cherries into 1 ounce!

Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!

Cold winter nights are best handled with a hot mug of apple-cherry cider! A glass of anti-inflammatory tart cherry juice will help ease muscles aching from the slopes while also providing you with the antioxidants of 10 servings of fruit. You can also take Apothem-Cherry after a night of imbibing in holiday spirits to get good night's rest and wake up feeling great the next morning.

Sour cherries may offer nature's most powerful combination of cell rejuvenating antioxidants and rare plant compounds. Sour cherries naturally contain melatonin which supports a healthy sleep cycle, anthocyanin and bioflavonoids that promote healthy joint function and lower uric acid levels, along with ellagic acid, perilyl alcohol and many other beneficial phytochemical. Apothem-Cherry is so nutrient rich that it is basically an apothecary (pharmacy) in a glass!



Apothe-Cherry™ Concentrate

  • More ellagic acid than pomegranates
  • More anthocyanin than blueberries
  • Higher ORAC rating than acai
  • Better for gout than black cherry
  • Far more scientific validation than goji, mangosteen,or none

Sweet dreams. Naturally.

  • Contains melatonin, which may help balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep
  • May support healthy joint function
  • Promotes healthy uric acid metabolism
  • Can help prevent or even reverse premature aging

Purium's Apothe-Cherry™ is made from sour (or tart) cherries, which are nature's most nutritionally dense food. They contain a wide variety of antioxidants and phytochemicals, and each serving contains 7,000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity) units.


Each container is 16 fl oz. (.473 L)
Servings per container: 16

Take 1/2-ounce (1 tbsp) to 2 ounces (4 tbsp) mixed in 8-10 water. May serve cold or hot. Great mixed with aloe vera, your favorite creamy beverage, or hot apple cider or blended in a smoothie. Delicious drizzled over oatmeal or yogurt or blended into a salad dressing recipe. Works best when taken 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed (for optimal sleep) or after a workout.

We recommend combining this product with Purium's 40x Aloe Vera Concentrate in a recipe we call the "Beauty Sleep Cocktail."


Sour cherries - nothing else!

PLC Member Price: $58.71
(Save $19.57off the retail price)
BV: 45*

*This special is exclusive to PLC Members only. *This special is equal to 45 BV points and therefore alone, it will NOT count as your monthly qualifying order. To prevent your regularly scheduled back-up order from being triggered, please purchase this special along with a product worth 5 BV (points) or more prior to 11:59 PM Central Time on December 20, 2015.

Offer expires December 31, 2015 at 11:59 PM Central Time

Apothe-Cherry Concentrate Nutrition Facts by Purium
My grandmother always used black cherries to help control my grandfathers gout, I remember her counting out 100 cherries just as her grandmother had done for her father, today science shows us that sour / tart cherries contain 3 - 5 X more of the phytochemicals that grandma was seeking. Each ounce of our Apothe-Cherry is equal to the juice from 33 sour cherries and more than 100 black cherries; my grandma would be proud.
Dave Sandoval
Purium Monthly Special
Apothe Cherry Concentrate by Purium

Retail Price - $27.95
PLC Price - $19.57
Item# 2110 / 15 BV

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Purium Lifestyle Club (PLC) Members ...
  • Save more on purchase orders
  • Earn more retail sales
  • Save on shipping
  • Access to monthly PLC product specials


for orders bing shipped to:
$9.95 within the Continental USA
$14.95 to Hawaii, Alaska and US Territories
$24.95 to Canada

Flat-Rate Shipping Rates are for
Purium Lifestyle Members (PLC) Only

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