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"One day 'on.' One day 'off.' Repeat. It's a simple rotation diet that I created for my first Celebrity Transformer. His name was Manny 'Tiny' Yarbrough. However, 'Tiny' wasn't so tiny. He is actually in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest athlete in human history. And, by the time I met him, Manny was 865 pounds (300 pounds over his competition weight as a sumo wrestler) and could barely get out of bed. It was out of necessity that I had to create a program that could quickly impact his weight and his health, while at the same time, this program had to be something he could maintain over a long period of time. Five months later, Manny had lost 268 pounds and everything about him had changed. He could run. He could lift weight. His vital signs were vastly improved. His energy was through the roof. I have now applied the same 'rotation diet' philosophy as a bridge out of the 0-Day Transformation into a long-term healthy lifestyle. If you want the complete Transformation Experience, you can't stop at just 10 days!"

- David Sandoval

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1 Day ON. 1 Day OFF.

After you've successfully completed your Transformation and you have lost 5, 10, 15 or even 20 pounds, your body is feeling clean and light. You no longer crave sugar, salt and fat. You don't want to go back to what you were doing before. Of course not.

You want to incorporate green super foods into a new way of eating. But how? Easy! David Sandoval has created Continuation Packs that will help you continue the positive momentum that you've begun, locking in a complete metabolic re-set, while re-teaching your body how to eat "regular" food.

The "NEXT 20 DAYS" Program is Simple and Proven. One Day "ON." One Day "OFF." Repeat.

Purium Continuation Program
Purium Daily Max PLC Pack
For Optimal Weight Loss - customize pack with either the Power Shake (original) or the Power Shake (Apple Berry)

Complete your metabolic reboot! Expect to lose the same amount of weight as you did during your first 10 days.

For Maintenance - customize pack with either the L.O.V. Super Meal (original) or the L.O.V. Super Meal (Vanilla Chai)

Helps you transition back to eating regular food without gaining your weight back.
Purium Daily Max PLC Pack
For the Athlete - customize pack with either the L.O.V. Super Meal (original) or the L.O.V. Super Meal (Vanilla Chai)

Important: On your "ON" days, add 300 nutrient-dense calories for every additional 30 minutes of workout. Food options for best results are included in the Flex Meal section of your Transformation Guide.

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